Your Favorite Cake

Where Your Favorite Cake Become's Everyone's Favorite!

Your Favorite Cake is a cottage cake business owned and operated by Susan Long in Midland, Michigan.  If you need a GREAT TASTING cake for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any other occasion, please consider Your Favorite Cake.  One taste and we are sure that Susan's creation will become Your next Favorite Cake.


People often ask what kind of cakes we do… well, the choice is yours and I usually have you check your resources. Google whatever you are celebrating:  "Marine Deployment Cake" or "Old Car Cake" or "Baby Girl Shower Cake" or whatever the case may be. It’s all out there to help you dream up ideas for the cake you would like at your party.

As for the flavors… they are out there too! I usually ask, “What is your favorite cake?” then hunt down the very best recipe to suit your taste buds. I have a few of my own favorites that others have tried and loved… such as: Red Velvet with Tropical Cream Cheese, White Almond Sour Cream with Raspberry Rose, Marble with Kahlua, Chocolate Caramel Macchiato with Sea Salt Caramel & Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate with White Chocolate Mousse, Coconut with Marshmallow Coconut Butter Cream, Yellow Fruit Torte with Mousse, Seven-Up Pound Cake, German Chocolate, Chocolate Stout, Pumpkin Spice, Key Lime, Apple Spice, Orange Peach, or Plain old Chocolate or White.  There is no end to the possibilities.

            How do you know how much cake or how large a cake to order? Figure how many people will eat cake at the event and choose a cake that will serve that many people.  We can be as creative as we need to be to ensure we get the correct amount to feed everyone - no matter the design.

            I hope this will help with your next cake order. Please see the About Us page for an example list of flavors in our CAKES, FILLINGS, and FROSTINGS. 

Scroll through the pics below and click on any of them to see a larger version.  Please visit our Photos page for additional pics!

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